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Removable and fixed Dentures

Removable and fixed dentures in Dwarka

Dentures are a specific type of devices which are inserted onto the tooth to facilitate chewing of food. It also helps in other functions such as gum protection and speech improvement. General improvement in the appearance can also be brought about through these dentures. They are mostly fitted into the place of missing teeth. Dentures can be classified into various categories. Broad categorization divides them into and Removable and Fixed Dentures in Dwraka. These dentures are picked depending on the individual dental constitution & requirement by a dental professional. Dentures can also be complete or partial. Complete dentures are an entire set of teeth that are used to replace either the whole of the upper or lower teeth portion. Partial dentures are preferred only when a certain set of teeth is to be replaced. Removable dentures are mostly preferred by many compared to fixed ones. This can be attributed to the fact that these devices can be removed at any time other than the time when these are needed the most. In cost also, the fixed dentures are relatively more expensive than the removable dentures.

If you are at the very verge of losing an entire set of teeth or is about to get the teeth removed because it is beyond damaged to be saved, you can undergo a procedure replacing them with fixed dentures supported by a Bridge. Fixed dentures, like any other treatment procedure, has its own advantages. These are listed out below:

  1. It gives a natural look just like a normal set of teeth.
  2. It functions similar to natural teeth.
  3. It doesn’t slip when you eat or talk. Hence, more dependable.
  4. It lasts for a longer duration, probably lifelong depending on the use and maintenance.
  5. It prevents bone loss in the jaw.
  6. More comfortable in daily life.

Fixed dentures are also fitted either to the tooth root or the nearby teeth. They can also be employed to fill the gaps between the teeth. Commonly, a fixed partial denture is known as ‘crown & bridge’ denture. After the bridge is fixed by the dentist, it cannot be removed by the patient. A large number of materials can be used to fabricate these dentures. Some of the materials employed for fabrication include gold, porcelain, or an alloy of both these materials. Porcelain is considered to be the safest method to use among the other available options.

Maintenance of fixed dentures is very much necessary. Proper maintenance of these Permanent Dentures can make them last for approximately 7-9 years. Due to its fixed nature, there is a high probability that food particles can get stuck into these devices. Improper maintenance such as no proper cleaning or washing of dentures can negatively affect oral health as it may lead to inappropriate reaction causing further damage to surrounding tooth structure.

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