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Teeth Scaling

Best Teeth Scaling in Dwarka

Teeth Scaling in Dwarka – Dental health is an important part of your general health. Whatever your age, you can and should have healthy teeth. Correct dental care can help you keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime. Scaling is one such procedure that keeps your gums healthy and firm. It is a procedure used to remove infected deposits like plaque, calculus and stains from the tooth surfaces. Such deposits, if not removed by scaling, cause infection and loosening of the gums, ultimately leading to pyorrhoea and tooth loss. Scaling is a safe and routine procedure and does not damage the tooth surface in any way. It must be done by a dental professional.

Scaling and Polishing Treatment Procedure

Dental Craft Clinic perform the procedure of full mouth dental scaling and polishing which is essentially aimed at deep cleaning of your mouth. The hard build up of calculus (tartar) is removed by a special tool. This is followed by giving teeth a thorough polish. The areas concentrated on are just below the gum line, behind your teeth and in the gaps in between them, as these are the regions commonly missed when we brush our teeth. Scaling and polishing helps prevent gum disease as well as bad breath. Scaling and polishing is usually pain-free at best dental care clinics in India. However, if you do experience some discomfort the hygienist can eliminate this with the use of topical anaesthetic creams or by giving you some local anaesthetic. It is important that you let the dentist/hygienist in India know at the time so that some pain control can be given.